Found in the Tom Cruise sports agent movie, Jerry McGuire, the concept of the Kwan is a powerful one.

Audiophiles have embraced said term as they “chase the dragon” for stereo system and musical enlightenment, they look for the singularity. They look for their Kwan.

Can you find your own Kwan? Yes, you can. For many audiophiles, that is what the hobby is about. It is about finding their own special religion. Their own unique, musical Jesus H. Christ.

And they will do close to anything to find their Kwan.

They will go to extremes. They will spend volumes of money that could change the gross domestic product of over fifty emerging countries in the world today. Why? They are chasing their audiophile Kwan.

Have you found your Kwan?

If not – don’t worry as not all of us have. Those who have often sit at home and revel in its beauty while those still seeking enlightenment have a bit of an empty feeling in their soul.

Don’t worry, the hobby is about the journey – not the end result. You will find your Kwan and you will enjoy the process to get there.